My journey within colours, forms and space

Close up of an artist box


Elias Peride is a young artist, studying fine arts at the Hans Mattis Teutsch Fine Arts High School in Brasov. This year he participated at the Fine Arts Olympics obtaining the second place. His goal is to continue the study of fine arts at a top institution in Europe starting with next year.

Puiu Rusu, Architect, Medias: „I have been following the evolution over time of the young artist Elias Peride from Brasov, from the first attempts and works to the recent achievements and I can see a strong evolution over time, both in terms of artistic expression, drawing, coloring, composition, as well as a spiritual communication, a force, a vibration, especially in portraits – strong, expressive eyes, but also in landscapes – strong, deep nature, with a studied, stylized perspective, which encourages meditation.

Over time, the beginning of a defined path crystallized a path of its own. The influence of the Romanian school can be felt especially in the landscapes, a good influence that will channel him on this path that I am sure he will define, with the sensitivity, talent and intuition he has.

I wish him his own path, to join the ranks of young Romanian artists, who have made a notable presence in the world.”

Dan Pura, Visual Artist, Timisoara: „Although young, the artist succeeds in rendering the forms simplified and modern, keeping the dynamics and fascinatingly emphasizing the expression, the essence; His works remind me of the words of Luchian:

“… You don’t have to imitate nature or copy it, you have to work in her way… How can you work in her way? Knowing how to observe, that’s the key… We, the artists, look with the eye, but work with the soul.”

Simona Cadar, Painting teacher at the HMT Art High School, Brașov: “Elias is young, introverted, but he communicates wonderfully through color. He has an ease and joy in telling stories through painting.”